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A B O U T   M E

As a child growing up with parents who had went through the traumatic experiences of being separated from their families, and forced to go to residential schools; I felt so misunderstood most of the time, and longed for their parental affection.
I left our family home pregnant and once my daughter was born I headed to the city at age 17. Three years later found myself fending for us as a single parent.
I managed to get my daughter to graduate Grade 12 and she moved out a couple of months later. My neediness drew in toxic attention for the majority of my life. As my daughter spread her wings, I was on the verge of ending another harsh relationship and my mother's words ringed in my ears "stop jumping from one hot pan to another!" I was so sick and tired of being so sick and tired.
All of a sudden I was alone, for the first time in my life! I had nobody to blame and was left only to deal with myself, my addictions and my toxic relationship behaviors.

I had never asked for help before and one jewel of advice I will always remember, after many years of counselling, was to see my parents as the children they were - not receiving what they needed as children. I quit blaming my parents and saw how they loved me with their actions and in the best way they knew how.

I am grateful that I was able to come to this understanding while my parents were still alive, life is calmer and I am grateful to my parents who I know are still helping me from the other side.

My addiction that needed the most healing was to stop being mean and hard on myself, and I found the 12 step program called Codependent's Anonymous. I learned to take accountability and responsibility for my actions and behaviors in relationships. I was feeling hopeful again.

I reconnected with my Indigenous spirituality and life definitely started to get better!
I focused on healing my relationship with my daughter, my wellness, and my life path and a whole new world opened up for me.
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Q'ero despacho with Andean Alto Misayoc
High Priestess Maria Apaza Vancouver

glastonbury tor.jpg

Ley line activations Glastonbury UK


Water Ceremony Lake Winnipeg Manitoba
hosted by Turtle Lodge

I always knew deep down

within me that there

was more meant for my life.

I have shifted from living in

silent suffering, from

always  struggling and

a lack of self love,

to a life where I use my voice,

I am grounded in

balance and harmony.

I have travelled to many

countries for ceremony:


United States

United Kingdom


and most recently 

South America.


Rather than resist or force things

I am now able to flow in life;

of course I am always doing my part

to the best of my abilities.


I have followed my curiosity and

learned about quantum access healing,

light language, sound healing;

to name a few amazing modalities.

I have learned to be kind to myself and also

when I need to I can ask for, and accept

help with humility and grace.

Now it's my turn to share my

experience, strength,

hope and wisdom with others through

my actions and my words.

As I learned to maneuver through life's challenges

I did build, strengthen and learn new skills.

I am here to share tools, practices, skills

and abilities that can help you

consciously create the life & relationships that you want!


YOSOY "I am" Project Egypt led by Matias de Stefano

Sunrise Ceremony Grand Canyon Arizona

Ley line activations Stonehenge UK
led by Meg Benedicte


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Sacred Ceremony & Ley Line Activations Mt. Shasta, USA
led by Meg Benedicte


YOSOY "I am" project Group Activations
Indigenous Peoples in the Middle
Pueblo Encanto, Capilla del Monte Argentina


YOSOY "I am" project at Pueblo Encanto
Capilla del Monte, Argentina led by Matias de Stefano


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