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Au siem, my ancestral name is Palnata7

and my english name is Robbi.

I am Coast Salish, as well as part

Irish and Chilean.

I have been in-joying exploring the

different aspects of all that I am.

I am so happy to meet you!

One thing I love is being out in

Mother Nature!

Mother Earth is our home, and there are

so many benefits to reconnecting with her.

I encourage you to immerse yourself

and receive the benefits of the land

and the waters.

Please do have a look at my website.

I thank you for being here.


My heartfelt work has always been as a 

Life Skills

Transformational Coach





Indigenous Ways of Being and Knowing

run parallel with most healing modalities.

I utilize my intuitive energy skills,  my

knowledge of other holistic modalities

 to share amazing tools and practices.

I weave these together to

provide encouragement, and

support through helpful experiential

practices; while providing insightful

and effective guidance.

I am excited to work with you,

are you ready?


Have the past few years caused you reflect on your life? 

Do you feel consumed once again

by the  frantic pace of life and want to slow things down?


Would you like to learn how

to re-calibrate

 and move with a

fresh new zest for life?

I am delighted to share 

tools, and practices to help you establish your preferred

pace in your life and reach your

highest and best life potentials.

Does your organization, group or

class want to understand

Indigenous Ways of Being & Knowing

in a more detailed manner?

Are you seeking Indigenous led

circles or workshops?

Do you need a speaker for your

small or large events

and gatherings?

I am here to support with Coaching, Circle Work, Energy Coaching and as a public speaker.

Let's Journey Together.


Image by Ramez E. Nassif
Image by Elena Mozhvilo
Image by Marc Kleen


Below are various services I am now providing to support holistic health, wellness and wellbeing:

Circle Work

Circle Work Designed and Delivered to

understand Indigenous People from Indigenous viewpoints focusing on:

Indigenous Ways Being & Knowing

The importance of stories in communications.

Women's Empowerment

Weaving Respectful Relationships Following Indigenous Protocols

Collaborating with Indigenous organizations as a non Indigenous ally!

Energy Coach

The Energy Work I provide is intuitively guided by a blend of natural Indigenous, and metaphysical skills to remove blocks to your energy flow. Know your body, so you become more skilled at identifying where potential blocks show up; whether in your chakras, aura, field and/or

your biological systems.

Life then becomes a breath of fresh air, and you breathe more fully moving with flow, ease, grace

and harmony!


Speaking Engagements

I have enjoyed expanding from audio to video with my Be True to You podcasts. I am passionate about living in our Indigenous Ways and I see the similarities in non Indigenous Wellness holistic practices. I am well travelled and have expanded my network, connecting with others pursuing their passions. I authentically share from my heart about a wide range of experiences and topics which help reach our highest potentials in life.

Be True to You.jpg

To connect with Robbi
and learn more or to
ask any questions

Click below:

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